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Help Topics

Getting Started

Step by step guide for creating and saving MenuPro menus.

Using MenuPro

Learn about using Food Items, Menu Headings, Menu Styles and more.

Tips & Tricks

Learn how to add your logo, columns, make Carry-out menus and more.

PDF Menus

How to create the best looking PDF Menus and fix installation issues.

Activation and Installation

Installing, upgrading, activating and deactivating your product.


Errors and issues that might arise and how to fix them.

Moving to another PC

Transferring data to a 2nd PC or an upgraded MenuPro PC.

Adding PCs to a License

How to add more users/PCs to your license and volume licensing rates.

Other Products

Ai Graphics, Facebook Menu App, WebGuider, and ScheduleWriter.

Looking for the Web App Version?

For support with iMenuPro (our Web App version) head over to

Need to Move to new PC?

Click here if want to move MenuPro to a new computer.

Contact Us

For quickest response, send a direct message our engineers (click the ? icon, lower-right). Please include your MenuPro License Number.

If your question cannot be answered via messaging, call 301-365-8892. We use a call-back system for support and will do our best to return your call as soon as possible. This is for MenuPro 10 only, not iMenuPro. For iMenuPro (our Web App version) head over to

Frequently Asked Questions

Where's my download?

If you didn't receive your download email, check your spam folder in case it got filtered to spam.

Where's my Ai Graphics?

Ai Graphics are Download Only, so we've emailed you links to download them. Check your spam folder as well in case they got filtered to spam.

Maximum Activations Message

If you've activated the maximum number of times, before you activate on a new PC you must 1) deactivate an existing PC or 2) add an additional PC/user to your license here

If you've upgraded to Windows 10 and are running MenuPro 10, click here if you are experiencing issues creating PDF's.

If you're still running MenuPro 9 or MenuPro 8, these products were released years before Windows 10 existed and are not compatible with Windows 10. We suggest migrating your food items to our latest version, iMenuPro, for compatibility with Windows 10.


With Microsoft discontinuing support of Windows XP, as of April 8, 2014 we no longer provide support for MenuPro 8 (or earlier versions).

MenuPro 8 is over 11 years old and was designed for Windows XP, and is not fully compatible with VISTA, Windows 7, 8, or 10. 11 years is pretty old for a software program. If possible, please upgrade to MenuPro 10 or the newer iMenuPro for continued compatibility with Windows 10.